Gift a Skill

Vocational training is a 2-3 month course, after the completion of which, placement is provided to students with entry level jobs. The basic motive of the program is to mobilise youth from the community and remote rural areas, provide them with trainings and finally place them in the industry, which is the key task of Skill Development Training. Training Centres, that run the programs, are always located close to the community and are usually rented, with pre-installed machines and equipments. 3 batches, each containing 12-15 students, are catered to per day. Mass campaigns take place periodically to mobilise target groups and vocational training is imparted using modules by regular faculty members. Industry professionals are also engaged in the trainings for conducting β€˜on the job trainings.’ As a part of this program, a total of 300 hours of training is imparted.