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Global Success Foundation (GSF) is a Non-Government Organization committed to empowering people in India, with a focus on Employability and Micro-Entrepreneurship.

We are approaching like-minded individuals and organizations across the country to join hands through a well-defined scalable model of transformation.

Global Success Foundation has developed a Psychometric Assessment tool to profile the vocational training students and understand their exact skill training requirement. This tool first evaluates the students’ areas of interest, based on which appropriate Skill Training is provided to them.

The training program for Employability is focused on building individuals inside-out. The purpose of these trainings is not just to help students find jobs but to make them successful in life. The programs have been tailored to empower participants to be creative and innovative.

At Global Success Foundation we have a lot of individuals who have volunteered to contribute for this unique employability initiative, in their own way. We have a program of Train the Trainers to certify these volunteers who wish to contribute to this noble initiative.

The Indian industry which is rapidly growing at the moment lacks talented and trained workforce; as majority of the youth present in India, is not employable. Looking at this scenario, Global Success Foundation has taken up the initiative of making the youth employable across the nation, by providing Skill Development trainings to them; thus enabling them to shoulder any responsibility that may be given to them.