How We Work

Step 1 - Decide how to make a difference by choosing an appropriate donation option:
  • Sponsor a Student- With this option, you can sponsor the Training fee for Skill development Training up to Employment
  • Sponsor a Batch- With this option, you can sponsor a batch of an average 12 students, by donating funds for Skill Development Training up to Employment
  • Adopt a Centre – With this option, you can sponsor the cost involved in setting up an entire centre with the training fee of all the batches from Skill Development Training delivery up to Employment. In rural areas, a Centre comprises of 10 batches; and in urban areas, a Centre comprises of 15 batches per year.
  • Adopt a Village – With this option, you can adopt a village to empower individuals earn their livelihood by sponsoring the training fee for all the students acquiring Skill Development Training. Apart from this, Sponsorship will also be required for the Skill Development Mobile Camps that are set up in remote areas of the village; sponsoring the mobilization of various road shows we do for spreading awareness about Skill Development and the importance it holds at various locations. In addition to this, if individuals are imparted with Micro-entrepreneurship trainings, funds are also required for Seed Capital required for micro entrepreneurship.
Step 2 - Decide the payment mode

Credit card

Debit card

Net banking

(It takes around 24-48 hours for your payment to get processed)

Step 3 - You will get a receipt
Step 4 - After detailed verification your money will be utilized as per your chosen donation option
Step 5 - You will receive the details of the beneficiaries with photographs periodically for tracking
Step 6 - You will be updated till the beneficiaries attain employment or successfully set up their micro-businesses