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Giving the word ‘Volunteering’ a whole new meaning is Awake Nation which acts as a platform for you, as a person, to do something for the betterment of the society. This platform enables individuals to change themselves, enable others to change, enable the society to change and thus enable the world to change as a whole.

Individuals from different professions, occupations & age groups, approach us for volunteering. Global Success Foundation provides an opportunity to people to be a part of any social cause of their choice and make a difference to the society.

To become an effective volunteer and to inspire others, our training and certification program acts as an enabler. This will equip you with the necessary techniques and ways to be able to work effectively as a volunteer.

We believe that ‘giving’ is the right of every individual and it is beyond any criteria. Furthermore, we will help you choose your field of volunteering based on the need as well as competency and preference.