Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple, efficient way for employees to make monthly donations for any good cause directly from their salary per month. The one-time setup ensures that you set aside money for charity every month. You decide the amount you wish to set aside too.

Payroll Giving programme ensures that you can make a difference in the easiest of ways:

  • Choice- You can donate to any training program
  • Convenience- Ease of monthly contribution through your payroll
  • Small amounts, big difference- Donate at least 5-10% of your salary every month
  • Simple- Easy and hassle free to donate (it will auto debit from your salary)

1. Join the programme through your bank account or credit card 2. Every month, a small amount gets debited from either your bank account/credit card. 3. Login anytime to track your donation details on your payroll account.